Restaurant "U Vodnáře" at Vranov dam

Since 1988 we have been involved in the restaurant, catering and hospitality industry. In 1996 we made the decision to build the family restaurant in a quiet place by Vranov dam, so that it may be surrounded by beautiful nature with a breathtaking view over Vranov Lake. The name of the Restaurant U Vodnáře arose from a father and son born on the same day under the astrological sign Aquarius (“Vodnář” in Czech language). In 1997 we opened the restaurant for the first time and since then we have changed its interior three times in order to maintain its beautiful character.

We consider this restaurant as the youngest member of our family and so we treat it with appropriate attention, care, and love. During your one day trip or vacation to Vranov nad Dyjí town you can appreciate the cozy atmosphere of our restaurant, its excellent cuisine, seasonal wine bar and pizzeria which offers stunning views of the lake.

In the summer months and sunny days we offer outdoor seating with 40 seats, added outdoor seating in the pizzeria for 30 people and a non-smoking wine bar with 22 seats. All year round (except December and January) you can enjoy your food in a non-smoking indoor restaurant with 45 seats.